My Heart Overflows

Before I publish the post I’ve been working on, I wanted to share some of the kisses from God in my life, some of the things currently making my heart radiate joy:

the first egg from the young hen coop..  oh how eagerly we have looked forward to it

the wonder of that first leaf pile of the season

family gathered around cracking pecans from a friend

the peace that permeates this place

the touches of scarlet

moments of childhood magic in the new tree house (yes, Gavin dressed himself :))

and a family to gather around the table, full of thankful hearts, full to the brim with His love


  1. Isa

    Thanksgiving is a powerful thing. It’s a MUST. So we see. We live. I am fighting too…. ” to be content with what I have” and rejoice. So thankful for you!

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