m-109Brandi McIntosh lives in the hills of central Texas with her husband Dan, 4 kids, a dog, cat, and a flock of goats. The slow, intentional life suits her just fine, a life in which there is time to linger over each meal, read aloud another chapter, connect to and support each heart under her roof, bottle feed baby goats, take long walks, and encourage mamas to live wholeheartedly.  Brandi longs to inspire mamas to boldly create their unique family culture and to feel empowered to hold their children’s and teen’s hearts.

Follow along their intentional journey on Instagram @brandi.mcintosh


  1. Val

    Miss Brandi, I found through reading A.V.’s blog from this past Friday. You too have written about the coming-of-age of your son. That is why I am reaching out to you, please. I’m just a few miles east/ southeast of you and am about to surprise my newly 13 year old with his “coming of age” trip with me to experience God’s masterpieces in Colorado. I’d so very much be honored if you’d share with me how I can purchase him the “Radical” cross you have Gavin. It would mean so much. I thank you for your words and for sharing. We are blessed to be sisters in His name and I am proud of how you and your beau are rearing your kids!

    • Brandi McIntosh

      I’m so glad to hear you planned a special celebration for your son as well. It was so many years ago that I bought that cross for him, that I’m not sure. Christianbook.com may be a good place to look though. 🙂

  2. Holley


    I have loved reading your blogs and gain so much wisdom and insight! I really wanted to let you know that words and heart are really impacting us with 5 young kids and our hope for when they are bigger and how to reach there hearts. And being a model of raising godly kids/young adults.
    Thank you so much.

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