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Here I go..

I really don’t have anything worthwhile to say.  I’ve told God this repeatedly as I’ve felt the gentle but persistent tug to begin a blog over the last couple years.  A couple friends and a loving husband called me on it.  Told me it’s time.  Made it a choice of obedience.

I’ve used endless excuses.  There are so many better writers out there..  No one will read it..  I’m really just a mess.  After she told me I needed to begin writing now, I told my prophetic friend that creating a blog would be something I’d consider if I had a laptop.  That would enable me to sit and write with the kids in eyesight.  Right then and there she went to asking God to provide one.  I thought, well this will be interesting.  Cause we sure don’t have the money for it, so let’s see if God moves.

Less than 2 months later, here I am, typing on my brand new laptop.  A large, unexpected check came in the mail not long after she prayed that prayer.  And our computer had started to show signs of dying.  When the check arrived Dan, with that tender gleam in his eye, said, “there’s your laptop babe.”

I smiled and swallowed hard, feeling a bit of pressure.  And I’ve never been one for working under pressure.   I tend to want to run and hide rather than conquer when things loom large.

But here I am.  Only because I know that His strength can rise through my weakness.  Only because I know that if He truly wants me to write, then He will give me the words to say.  Because, again, I have nothing worthwhile to say apart from Him.

I invite you, my friend, to follow the story God is weaving in our lives.  He is at work as we’ve never felt before.  Although it will often be messy and raw, I want to share the ponderings of my heart with you.  What God is saying and revealing to us.  The struggles.  The joys.

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